Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust


Retreats and training at the hermitage have been cancelled from 10th March until at least mid June. Prebooked dates during this time are taking place as home retreats with supplied retreat notes and conference call dharma talks / report backs / practice discussion.

The normal 6-6:30 phone in time is available for current and past trainees needing practice support during this time.


Grateful thanks to those who have given stamps, food, donations and offered service to support Sr. Ruth / Kashin sama and the work of the hermitage at this time. A deep bow and use this trying time wisely for spiritual practice - as you have learned.

Sr. Ruth

About Us

The approach here is based in Carmelite practice and that of the Early Church Fathers, through satipaṭṭhāna (mindfulness), meditation and other appropriate means. Awakening through the Zen brush is an aspect of the practice.

A daily monastic schedule of the Christian office is kept together with periods of silent meditation and working meditation practice.
Retreat days, working meditation days and longer retreats are held from time to time. Retreatants are expected to not intrude upon the solitude and silence of the hermitage.

Training in meditation, contemplation and solitude are available to people who take the matter of their spiritual training seriously, as guests of the resident hermit. Apply in writing in the first instance.

The training and practice addresses the human condition and its transformation in God.

'In a word, he who does
not have attention in
himself and does not
guard his mind cannot
become pure in heart and
so cannot see God.'

(writings from the PHILOKALIA)
Simeon The Theologian


We aim to be disablement friendly. Our resources currently are limited and the land is rural on the side of a mountain and thus uneven. Access to practitioners practice areas are ramped with a one inch or so step. Chapel is currently at mezzanine level up a short flight of stairs. Access once inside the hermitage is level as is the shower room although there is a one inch or so step into the building. Please ring and discuss your needs with us and we will do the best we are able to accommodate you.

The Trust is happy to provide a speaker for any group interested in finding out more about eremitic and contemplative life.

Sr. Ruth Furneaux is ARWHT's first hermit in residence and spiritual director.

Charity advisor: Roz Williamson.

Support and advice to Spiritual Director/Hermit: Fr Colin cswg, Rev Saido Kennaway mobc and Hieromonk Silouan (Rev Dr D.S.Lake).

Sr. Ruth was given permission to teach in the Satipatthana and Zen traditions by her teacher John Garrie Roshi in 1990. Her Dharma name is Kashin sama. She was also encouraged to teach by Chuan deng Jing di and the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche and in the Christian tradition by Archbishop Rowan Williams.

ARWHT is supported by donations from those who appreciate and/or use the services it provides, no charges are made. It is a legally constituted charitable trust based on the Charities Commission Deed for Charitable Trusts. It is a not-for-profit organisation registered at Companies House as a Co.Ltd by Guarantee No. 848311.

Trustees: Revd Mike Gartland, Sr Ruth Furneaux, Rt Revd Jack Nicholls.

Guardian: Dr Rowan Williams, the Rt. Revd. Baron Williams of Oystermouth.