Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Key skills in spiritual training, contemplation and meditation include developing the ability to: guard the mind, guard the sense doors, mind one's own business and preserve confidentiality. Thus, since these are so central to training, it should be no surprise that this also covers how we handle your contact details. It is the epitomy of the practice.
We do not know precisely how we may be affected by the new European Directive GDPR - many small community and other groups are.
We do not and never have asked people who practice here to fill out application forms giving personal information: we respond to who you are, nor do we normally communicate by email. We do not sell you anything - you already have all you need but may need help to find it. We do not solicit your involvement, which is antithetical to the ethos of a hermit: the door is always open but you have to ask first. Some people are confident to put themselves forward others need more welcome and encouragement, contact and relationship can then continue until you break it.
So no advertising, self-promotion or anything else. A hermit is hid with Christ in God. Most people find us by word of mouth.

The Trust's policy follows:

General Data Protection Regulation

You will be aware of the above changes in May: many very small community and other groups are affected. We have since the beginning in 2001 advised people that we keep their contact details on a non-internet connected computer and hard copy, confidential to Sr. Ruth or on a strictly need to know basis (addressing envelopes for instance).

Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust is run in accordance with the model deed of the Charities Commission and is not registered: ARWHT is a not for profit organisation Co. Ltd by Guarantee no. 8483117.

This is our current reviewed commitment to confidentiality - PRIVACY POLICY:

What information do we collect about you?

We keep your address and telephone number if you wish to be contacted, rarely email as we do not use it here, having no internet connection.

How will we use your personal information?

The annual newsletters, retreat and training information and occasional other newsletters are sent to those who have initially asked, anyone who trains at the hermitage, friends and supporting monasteries and teachers.

If you do not keep us up to date with changes of contact details or have no contact for 5 years your details are deleted: after 2 years of no contact you will be asked if you still wish us to do so. You may ask to be removed at anytime.

If you have contacted the hermitage about activities we run, your details will only be used for that purpose.

We never sell, rent or share your personal information with any other person or organisation.

Security, access and updating your personal information

Your information is held only at the hermitage and is not technically accessible from any other source. It is only normally available to the Spiritual Director: or to a trustee or retreatant on hard copy on a one off basis on a need to know basis such as appeals or envelope addressing. It is then destroyed.

This policy was last reviewed and updated on 25th May 2018.