Archbishop Rowan Williams Hermitage Trust

About The Hermitage

In accord with our understanding that nothing is outside the purview of God, that 'Christ is not divided', the development of the hermitage is taking place in a way which honours + realises 'interbeing'.
This means that relational, environmental and ecological concerns which emerge from within a practice of mindfulness are uppermost.

Set in the north-east Uplands Sensitive Landscape Area, the building itself is being developed:
  • to be disablement friendly,
  • with the lowest carbon footprint we are able,
  • with (when sufficient donations arrive) power will be from PV panels - at present there is only a couple of hours electric light per week, and
  • the land is cared for sustainability in harmony with its existing wild + mountainous environment, to provide biodiversity of bird, insect, mammal and amphibian species. It is being planted largely with flora which normally occur here.